3rd Turn Brewery Wedding by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

I have to start this blog post with the fact that Alaina’s sister Adrienne designed and made her dress. I would LOVE if Adrienne would make more gowns for more people, I’m not entirely sure if she wants that, but the dress was unbelievable. It was the perfect dress for Alaina and I loved that it was blue!

I met Alaina and Adrienne at a friends weddings a few years ago. We ended up at the same table during dinner and I was able to get to know them then. Alaina ended up helping me a lot when Fry was sick by booking her wedding then. I will forever be in their debt for that.

The wedding itself was an amazing day. I was able to stretch my creative muscles and feel like part of the group while working. That’s literally the best type of day for me. When I have clients/friends that fully trust me to do my thing AND include me in everything going on. I love that. It makes me feel more comfortable while shooting, which means that the photos end up being better in the end.

If you’re getting married in the Louisville area have a 3rd Turn Brewery wedding.