5 Beautiful Places to Elope

I don’t shoot a lot of elopements, but I do love them. I love that they’re small and intimate. I love that it allows couples the freedom to travel and be married in the location that they choose. I view elopements as a smaller version of a large wedding. I believe they go hand in hand and neither is the wrong answer. When it comes down to it, the type of wedding you have is entirely up to you, but it’s still a wedding, and I will be there to photograph it for you. If you’re thinking of eloping and are stuck on locations, maybe consider one of these 5 beautiful places to elope.

I’ve traveled a lot over the last few years and I’ve seen some really beautiful places. This list will show some of my favorites, and while some of the photos I pick may not be elopement or wedding photos, you can still see the beauty in the area and the potential that it has for your own elopement.



My favorite place in the entire country is Sedona, AZ. I went for the first time back in 2017 and I’ve gone at least once every year since then. Most of the time I make it a point to be in the area at least twice. I’ve even considered moving there because it’s so beautiful. There are SO MANY amazing places there that would be perfect for an elopement! You don’t even have to hike very far for a good view.

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The Columbia River Gorge

You don’t have to be in the mountains or the woods to get a good view in the Columbia River Gorge. There are a few other places you could choose to get married as well. Horsethief Butte is a bit further than Multnomah Falls but well worth the views.

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Nothing can top running away to Hawaii to be married. Even if you want to have a  few people there, it’s so easy to find a venue or place to have everything in one spot. The light and scenery are out of this world and it’s so easy to island hop and find bigger and better locations than before. Hawaii is truly magical and you won’t regret eloping there.

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While I have yet to photograph a wedding there, it HAS to be on this list. Yosemite is one of the most jaw dropping places I’ve ever been to.  It *almost* beats Sedona for me in favorite places. The park is massive and the views are unmatchable. Do you want forest? Cool. Do you want high cliffs and epic sunrises? Even cooler. Yosemite has it all.

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The Oregon Coast

The beaches in the Pacific Northwest are unparalleled. If you want to have a beach wedding this is where you HAVE to have it (unless you pick a beach in Washington of course). Most of the beaches in Oregon are dog friendly as well so your pups can even come with you and join in the festivities. These photos were taken at Cannon Beach and a few miles down the coast from Cannon Beach.

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Other Places That Are Beautiful

Some of these places I’ve been to and photographed at so I’ll list those first with links.