A Nice Stroll Through New Orleans

Before things really blew up with the pandemic I had to head down to New Orleans for a wedding (the only big wedding I’ve photographed this year). I’ve known Tia via facebook and social media for a few years so it was really nice having the time to actually meet them in person. Tia and Steph met up with me at my air bnb very early one morning to show me around the area and to let me photograph them together. It was refreshing getting to hang out with another photographer and to photograph them – while also getting to know them as a couple. They are honestly one of the sweetest – most thoughtful people I’ve ever met.

I never knew New Orleans was as walkable as it is, or that it was so beautiful. This was my first trip to the city and I fell in love with the architecture (it reminds me of Barcelona – the Spanish controlled the territory at one point) and the bright vibrant colors across it. It’s nothing like most of the Southern cities I’ve visited. It was open and kind. I’m really excited to head back down there eventually and to see more of the city that I wasn’t able to get to. If you have recommendations for things I should do/see next time I go – drop them in the comments!