Best Kentucky Engagement Session Locations

I can’t say I was born and raised in Kentucky because I was actually born over the state line in Virginia BUT I’ve lived in Kentucky for most of my life. The state has it’s issues and faults but there really are some beautiful places here that a lot of people may overlook. It’s also fairly driveable so you can get to farther locations fairly quickly. I wanted to make a list of the best Kentucky Engagement sessions locations so that all of the newly engaged folx might have an easier time finding spots!

(This will be updated as time goes by.)

Turkey Run Park – Louisville

This is honestly my favorite park in the Parklands of Louisville. It has so many beautiful spots throughout the park and it’s a lovely place to watch the sunset and catch golden hour.

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Mars – Letcher County

I grew up and went to school in Letcher County and never knew Mars existed. It’s a little sliver of another world hidden behind the peak of our “mountain”. It can be hard to get to but is very well worth the trip!

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Raven Run – Lexington

If you’re up for hiking a bit there’s a nice park tucked away in Lexington. It’s absolutely wonderful. There are different levels of trails as well. It all leads down to an old mill and creek while also having parts that overlook the Kentucky river.

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Best Louisville Wedding Photographer Raven Run Engagement Session


Kentucky State Fair – Louisville

If you’re into adventure and cotton candy you should definitely consider doing your engagement session at the Kentucky State Fair. You can walk away from this session with completely unique and very fun images you may not get otherwise.

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