Sherri and Thomas’s Black Sand Beach Session in San Francisco by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

Back at the beginning of April I flew out to the Bay Area to shoot a lovely, intimate wedding. I was due to fly to Italy soon after so I stayed in California for a few extra days to hang out with friends and do a couple of other sessions. Sherri’s a photographer as well and reached out to me when I mentioned I had extra time to shoot. So we met up across the Golden Gate and then went down to one of my favorite beaches (even though it’s hell walking back up) to do a little session for her and Thomas.

They were high school sweet hearts and SO MUCH FUN to photograph. They both have so much fun energy and are absolutely crazy for one another. Being able to have couples just play and chase one another around an entire session is one of my favorite things and I don’t get to do it that often or don’t have the space at a location. These two even ran into the ocean fully clothed AND sat in wet sand for me. No qualms. They’re literal MVP’s.

Making friends within this industry is one of the best parts about being a wedding photographer. I’m so happy I was able to connect with Sherri and get to know her a bit more. I can’t wait to see them in a couple of months at a wedding I’m photographing.

Visit Sherri’s photography website here.


That beach is just gorgeous. Another stunning work pals 🙌🏻🙌🏻