Presets built off of one another that were made for any lighting situation.

The presets

that I actually use

I have a quick workflow and it's important that my presets work for me and any photo that I take. These are not meant to be one click presets, but a preset that is easily changed with white balance and exposure that makes them work well with anything. Each color preset in this pack is built from the first preset (which was built from my old preset), and have micro changes to fit different lighting and scenarios.

1. 20 Lightroom Presets in xmp format.

-15 color presets

-5 b&w presets

Whats Included


Before and Afters

All afters are one click. The only adjustments made were in exposure and white balance and were made to the raw image.

3. Trois

4. Quatre

1. Un

2. Deux

8. Huit

7. Sept

5. Cinq

6. Six

9. Neuf

10. Dix

11. Onze

12. Douze

13. Treize

14. Quatorze

15. Quinze

16. Seize

17. Dix - Sept

18. Dix - Huit

19. Dix - Neuf

20. Vingt


Some of these presets don't work with one click, what gives?



What happens if I apply a b&w preset on top of a color preset?

For some reason when you do this, lightroom keeps the radial filter from the color preset. So, the b&w will have a sepia tone at first. You just need to go into the radial filters and delete the bottom filter once you apply the b&w. This is only needed when applying a b&w preset over one of the color presets. Also, keep in mind that 12. Douze is a sepia toned b&w preset.

Presets are not meant to be one click fixes. Of course they can be sometimes, but that's not the case most of the time. The preset is a base or a helper when it comes to your final image. If something doesn't look quite right after applying, try adjusting white balance, tint, and exposure first before messing with anything else. Most of the time you only need simple adjustments.

I can't download the presets, what do I do?



I didn't like the presets, can I get a refund?

If you don't see the download link or have the option to click the link from your receipt, please email me at with your invoice number and I'll email you the zip file as soon as I'm able.

I'm very sorry, but when it comes to digital products I am unable to give a refund,