California Coast Engagement Session

California Coast Engagement Session by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

I rarely blog engagement or couples sessions in order, but I’m making an exception for this one. Why? I want you to see the way the light changes and how beautiful it is. We were on the beach for maybe two hours shooting, and the light changed so much. We basically stayed in the same section of beach the entire shoot which was nice, but obviously we did a lot of running around and playing. You can have an amazing engagement session that highlights you as a couple without multiple locations – and this is proof.

I love simple locations almost as much as I love shooting in huge beautiful places like the mountains. There’s just something about the simplicity that allows me to really connect with the couple I’m photographing and to focus on them instead of the landscape. It’s a nice change of pace to throw in sometimes and I’m happy that we decided on just using this little stretch of beach.

They also brought their pups to do some photos with them and you can see that Kodak LOVES the water, and we literally had to keep him from running straight into the ocean when we got there. I LOVE when people bring their dogs to sessions (please also bring a handler with you) and LOVE when people want to include them in their photos. I am a dog person and will definitely roll around with your pup on the ground letting them lick me in the face and playing with them. SO please. bring them if we’re shooting in an area that allows pets.

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