Cathedral Rock Elopement by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

This was a workshop/retreat and real elopement all wrapped into one. Christy first contacted me in 2017 after I had gotten home from my first trip to Sedona. They wanted to elope later in the year so we started talking out all of the details.  Then life happened, and it was impossible for us to keep planning after we both suffered some heavy losses. We put it on the back burner but kept in contact and would check in with one another every couple of months. We could never quite nail down the details and so I thought that I would never see these two get married.

Earlier this year I was looking at locations to host an upcoming retreat. I LOVE SEDONA. Seriously, I love it. The atmosphere and the vibe mixed with the vortexes makes it one of my favorite areas of the country. I decided that I wanted to host a retreat there and reach back out to Christy and Dustin to see if they’d REALLY want to elope, but the catch would be they would have to do it in front of a group photographers. BUT they wouldn’t have to pay anything and they could crash with us in the house. I was fully expecting them to say no and was elated when they agreed to come along.

So. I got ordained. We all went to Sedona and I married them in the shadow of Cathedral Rock. Plus they had like 10 wedding photographers so it ended up being a pretty sweet deal for them. We had their reception at the best Thai place in town – and then went back to Cathedral Rock to do some night photos. It was a 10/10 day and makes me want to do more elopements.