Ashley and Casey’s Wedding Session on the Palouse by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what town we were actually in for this session, but their wedding was in Colfax so I’m just going with it. We woke up at dawn and headed out to a park for their session, but ended up having to just pick a random field and shoot. The park was closed until 7am. I definitely wasn’t waiting that long and missing the gorgeous light on the cut wheat fields. We found a nice hilly spot and went exploring. You never really know how hard wheat stalks are until you actually try to move through them, and let’s just say it isn’t that pleasant. But man does it make for a good backdrop.

We danced and played and watched the sun come up over the golden rolling hills, and it was as beautiful as you would think. I feel like that area of the country is such a hidden gem, and people don’t realize how stunning it is in person. I really cant wait to go back and to explore a bit more. I’d really love to get out there next year before they start cutting the wheat and see it in all it’s glory.

P.S. It may look all nice and warm, but it was CHILLY that morning.