Couples Session at the Dive Motel

This may single handedly be one of the coolest sessions I’ve ever photographed. Ever since I found out about the Dive Motel in Nashville I’ve been aching to shoot there. Lucky for my I have friends who rented out the entire thing for a work conference. They invited me down to hang out and shoot what I wanted, so I set something up with one of our other really good friends, Casey, of Juniper Sisters Events.

The room that we used is one of the larger suite rooms. The double tub is basically perfect and everything I’ve ever wanted in a home or to use for a shoot. The styling of all the rooms are out of this world, and the place is definitely worth renting out for events or photo shoots. Or even just to hang out and stay for awhile. Thats something that I’ll definitely be doing in the future.

This was also a really great opportunity for me to work on some video. I’m adding video to my wedding collections, but I want the video to match the vibe of my photo work, none of the boring standard video I’ve seen. So enjoy the photos, but also enjoy the weird ass video I  made of Casey and Tav as well.