Dillingham Ranch Wedding

Dillingham Ranch Wedding by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

Sarah and Ale’s story is straight out of a Rom Com movie. Ale is a flight attendant and complimented Sarah’s earrings (the ones she’s wearing at the wedding) as she was on her way to Hawaii on a girls trip. They ended up spending time together on that trip and have been together since then. Ale is from Oahu and they wanted to have their wedding there surrounded by the people closest to them. It was an honor to see them interact with everyone, and to hear the stories about them as kids. I loved meeting everyone and feeling so included in the events.

Their wedding was a three day event. The first day was an intimate ceremony and dinner with their families. The second night was for their Hawaii reception so that all of Ale’s friends (and some of Sarahs) could come out and party. The third night was a party in Los Angeles the following weekend (not shown).

During the Hawaii weekend we stayed at Dillingham Ranch. It was honestly so nice being able to wake up and just walk out of my room and be at the wedding. The ranch is absolutely gorgeous and you may recognize it from Lost or 50 First Dates. It’s a lovely part of the island so if you ever find yourself on the North Shore in Hawaii make sure to check it out. Or you know, have your wedding there and bring me along. You won’t regret going or getting married in Hawaii. You can always contact me if you want to know more about what it’s like!

Venue: Dillingham Ranch // Planner: Ever + After Events // Bar Cart : Aloha Taps

P.S. Don’t mind the white strips in between photos. Definitely not redoing it at this point.

Day One

Day Two

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