Granite Dells Wedding Session by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

Kim is like the little sister I never had. I met Kim the very first day of classes when I started fashion school. She was seventeen at the time and I think I was twenty-two, but she didn’t really give me the option of NOT being her friend. As classes continued we developed a friendship based on our mutual hatred of one of our teachers and the rest is history.

Kim has witnessed me go through breakup after breakup. She’s witnessed me mess up. She’s witnessed my boyfriends mess up. She’s witnessed my roommates having guys troubles, and I like to think that all of us being the hot mess express really helped her wait to find the perfect man for her.

And Tyler is THE perfect man for her. I have really loved watching the evolution of their relationship over the past two years, and I am so so happy she has someone like him. He’s basically the guy I think all of her friends and family would handpick for her if we had the choice. I will eventually blog their wedding, but I’m tired and this is a lot easier to pick photos for, so enjoy yet another beautiful Arizona location.