Griffith Park Engagement Session by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

This was honestly my first time in Griffith Park and I think I’m in love. It was really great seeing downtown Los Angeles from that viewpoint and put the size of the city into perspective. You know LA is big, but I don’t think you ever realize HOW big it is until you’re looking at it from far away or above. It always use to amaze me flying into the city, but this was an entirely different feeling for me.

I’ve been in love with Los Angeles since the first time I visited in 2012. It was the first big girl trip I went on. The first flight I ever took. The first city exploration I had really done. I think thats part of the reason why I’m so in love with it. It basically made me see that travel was an option for me, when I didn’t believe it was before. All of this was before I picked up a camera for the first time, and getting into photography only made my desire to live in LA more.

I am so excited that this is going to be home. That I get to go up to Griffith Park when I want and look out at this city that gave me the confidence I needed to travel. The city that basically helped me grow up and spread my wings. It gave me purpose to push farther than I had ever pushed and a dream. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m ready for this change.

I’m ready to grow more with the city and to branch out and to meet more people from all over the world. I’m ready to expand my knowledge of different cultures and to meet people even more different than myself. I’m just ready, and putting this blog post together gives me all of those feels all over again.

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