How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding or Engagement Photos

If you don’t know that I’m completely obsessed with dogs, now you do. I want to always be around dogs. I want to pet all of the dogs I possibly can in my lifetime which is why I want YOU to bring your dog(s) to your session or wedding. It makes me so happy when you include your pups because they are such a huge part of your life. If you’re stuck on ways to do that here are some ideas!

Some Rules to Live By

  • If you want your pup or pet at your wedding/session make sure you have a designated handler there!
  • Check the rules of where your session or wedding is to make sure pets are allowed.
  • Pick up after your pet! They don’t have opposable thumbs, so they can’t do it themselves.
  • Check the rules of the park/venue to check leash laws.
  • Make sure your pet is vaccinated!

*I will be updating this post every now and then*

1. Do a session at a dog friendly beach

See this session here.


2. While at the dog friendly beach run into the water with them! If they like water of course.

See the full set of photos here.

3. If they aren’t allowed at your venue have an after wedding session and bring them along!

View this session here.


4. Have a backyard wedding and include the pup at the reception.

View this wedding here.


6. Do your first look at home so your pup can watch as well.

View this wedding here.



7. Have a friend bring your dogs over while portraits are scheduled and then return them afterwards.

View this wedding here.


8. Use a venue that will allow them to be at your wedding. Then they can be part of the wedding party!

View this wedding here.


9. If you’re stuck on how to pose, you can always pretend like your dog is a baby.

View this session here.


And if you don’t have a dog, you can always hire an Alpaca instead!

View this wedding here.