Kentucky Farm Wedding by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

Last November I shot Janna and Luis’s engagement photos and a month ago I was lucky enough to be able to shoot their wedding. The whole day was a beautiful testament to how much everyone loves Janna and Luis. They had their wedding on the farm Janna grew up on, and they got ready in the house she grew up in. Her friends commented a couple of times how they had all spent time there while growing up, and for me that makes their location more than special.

I want my clients to get married in places that mean something to them. It really adds something so unique and special to a wedding day. If you’re struggling to find a venue in your price range or even trying to find one you like, then I highly suggest picking a place special to you. That could be a backyard you spent time in, a park you use to go on walks in when you first started dating, or even just a restaurant you really like. There are so many options out there, and you definitely don’t have to pick a fancy or expensive location to have the wedding of your dreams. Remember that when planning.


I love the couples portraits so muchhhhhh! So cinematic. And that last photo at the bonfire of them two is killing me. Gorgeous