Leo Carrillo Beach Engagement Session by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

I love Leo Carrillo Beach, and I love photographing sessions there. That section of beach is so beautiful and rocky. It’s so different from the other beaches around Los Angeles. This was the first shoot I ever did there. I was visiting one of my best friends and we went out to do a shoot before I had to head down to San Diego for a wedding.

At the time of this shoot I didn’t realize that Malibu was cloudy often. It was the opposite of what I was expecting, but I LOVED it. I was also blessed with the perfect bird formation flying overhead. I saw the birds coming while the others were shooting from up high and I was lucky enough to be able tp capture it. That is one of my all time favorite photos and I like to tell people that they only really get one good bird photo, ever.

If you need a good place to go hang out though, hit up this section of beach. It’s quiet, and beautiful. Perfect for sight seeing and watching the sunset.