Oregon Coast Retreat

December 4-7th

I fall more and more in love with the Oregon Coast every time I visit. For retreats, I try to pick a new spot every time, but I really just want to be back on the Oregon Coast again.

I chose December because:
1. My schedule and the schedule of other photographers has been intense this year. We all need a reset after the past few years.
2. I wanted the weather to be more moody/foggy for this retreat so that we get the true PNW vibe.

3. We can be cozy and really foster a community while sipping hot chocolate.

An intimate experience

to learn, grow, photograph, and make friends.

What happens at retreats?

We live together for a few days so that we can become a small family. We cook together, eat together, have down time together, all while learning and growing with one another.

I never want my retreats to feel overwhelming. So, they tend to stay pretty small and intimate. I love being able to help each person with their individual needs, and to see them create new friendships.

The Shoots

I always want attendees to walk away from my retreats with something tangible. I want them to be able to see how other photographers photograph people. I want them to see how others edit, and may do things. I want them to be able to learn from me as I pose and work, but I also want them to take away things from one another. I always try to give each attendee their own time with the couple we're photographing. I want them to put their own spin on things and for others to see that each individual photographer has their own working style, and that there is no wrong way.

For this retreat, we will again be doing an "engagement" session and a faux (or real) elopement shoot. Meaning we will photograph them getting ready, having morning coffee, vows, and portraits. The goal is to have the couple for the retreat stay with us again so that everyone can get to know them, and we can all connect.

Bunk Beds



This option includes a bed in a community room with 6 bunk beds. It also includes all of your meals, and the stay in the house. It DOES NOT include your travel to the Oregon Coast.
*Price is for ONE bed*

Two Bed Rooms


If you are attending with a friend or would like something a bit comfier than the bunk beds, you can book a semi private room. There are two rooms available, each room has two beds. This also includes all of your meals and the complete stay in the house. Price is PER BED. Not both beds. This DOES NOT include your travel to the Oregon Coast.

*Price is for ONE bed*


What if I book a ticket and can't make it?

Is the retreat unisex?

That's completely fine, but it will be your responsibility to sell your ticket. I will of course help you, and post for you.

Yes, it could be. Which means there may be any gender in any of the rooms. If you are uncomfortable staying in the same room as the opposite gender, then your best bet is to book the semi private room with a friend.

Are we allowed to bring our Significant Other, Child, or Pet?

Will there be an opportunity to ask questions and learn specific things?

Unfortunately not. There isn't a lot of room to share with people who aren't purchasing tickets. And I also like to think that the retreats can be a small vacation for certain parents. Pets are definitely not allowed at the airbnb.

Yes! I encourage you all to ask as many questions as possible while we're hanging out and working on different things. No question will ever be considered dumb, and you can send me questions before the retreat so I know what topics to bring up during discussions.

Where should we fly into?

Portland, Oregon (PDX) is the closest large airport. The house we are staying in is in Gearheart, Oregon. It's around a 2 hour drive from PDX. I'll be making a facebook group for everyone to connect and work out carpooling.

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