Sunrise Lake Elopement by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

Very Very early on a Saturday morning I woke up and drove out to Berea to meet Hannah and Phil for their intimate elopement. Hannah changed behind her jeep with her Mom and then spun around in her beautiful dress for me before coming down the small trail with her Dad. Their ceremony was the sweetest, shortest one I think I’ve ever photographed.

After the ceremony her brother pulled up on a small fishing boat and we hoped in to go off to some of Hannahs favorite spots on the lake to do part of their portraits. While we didn’t get the fog that we were hoping for, we did get to see the nesting bald eagles and their baby soaring around. We finished up at a sunflower patch, which wasn’t quite as tall as I imagined, but also 100% better.

I’m going to throw it out into the universe that I would love to shoot more elopements, especially the kind at sunrise. It’s incredible light, you may get some cool fog, and you’re done in time to take a nice nap before lunch. You could even have a quick elopement before work during the week. Everyone wins with elopements.


Holy cow Brandi this sunrise elopement is insane! So gorgeous!

I about died when I saw the portraits of the bride and groom in the sunflowers, those are my favorite! Such a beautiful place for a sunrise elopement

Oh my gosh this sunrise lake elopement is perfection! What a beautiful place and such gorgeous images! Her dress and those sunflowers – and your GIFs! So great!!

Loooove me a sunrise elopement! That sunflower field near the lake is so cute girl :)

A sunrise elopement at the lake? How perfect! I especially loved the sunflower field and the bride’s super gorgeous dress!

Seriously WOW!! What a gorgeous sunrise elopement!! I adore the way you capture them and all the movement! ALso, is that the mywony dress?!

WOw! WHat a special day! You captured it so perfectly and I am in LOVE with your editing! Sunrise elopements are the best

wow!!!! the movement in this Sunrise Elopements just to die for!!! So So beautiful!