Tacoma Museum of Glass Wedding by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

I. Love. Color. I love bright colors. I love bright colorful lights. And I love when weddings have a LOT of color. Nickii and Stephens Tacoma Museum of Glass wedding was the PERFECT, colorful, Star Wars themed wedding. These two know how to put together a May the 4th wedding and I am so thankful I was there. I knew straight away that I wanted to do most of their portraits at night, given the theme, and they were thankfully both into that.

I also knew that when I walked into the ceremony that I would not be using a flash because I didn’t want to hide any of the colorful lights they had set up. When I’m shooting a wedding I never want to hide their details. I never want to interrupt the feel of a reception or ceremony by using a flash. I want to show it how it truly is if I’m able, and to rely on the ambience of the room. Obviously, this isn’t always possible, and when it’s time for dancing I’ll 100% use a flash to show the party. For this particular wedding though, it was just too beautiful, too colorful, and too perfect to hide.

I came away from this wedding feeling so cared for and appreciated and knowing that I would be giving Nickii and Stephen something they would truly cherish forever. So enjoy their beautiful day and maybe go watch a Star Wars movie for five.
Venue: Tacoma Museum of Glass