8 Unique Wedding Party Photos

One of my favorite things about photography is that I can be as creative as I want. I can do things differently and pave my own path, and I have. I have never liked boring photos and I let the bleed into my group photos as well. Obviously family photos are completely different Рbut the wedding party is another story. I will take the standard smiling photos for people of the group BUT I also like to get a little funky if the opportunity  arises.


Projector Shadows

When you do the wedding photos in the National Portrait Gallery, it’s important to seize any and all opportunities as they are presented. This section of the gallery is one of my favorites, this piece itself is in it’s own room. It’s a projector set up with a very light film of sorts. Perfect for reflecting the shadows of the group.

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Oh are we at a wedding or fashion show?

Honestly, they look like they’re watching models walk down a cat walk and I love it. It’s hip. It’s cool. It doesn’t look like a boring group photo. Or it could just be they’re standing around in a very stylish movie waiting for the action to start.

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Just Waiting Around

Sometimes the free time before a wedding can be boring. Sometimes I’ll capitalize on that and make you look like you’re waiting around for your next James Bond mission.

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Let’s take a nap

I have my couples lay on the ground a lot, why wouldn’t I extend that same courtesy to their wedding party? Especially when I have a nice place to stand over top of them. You may have to get uncomfortably close, but it will be worth it.

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Silhouetted Wedding Party

Since doing this photo back in 2016? 2017? (I don’t remember) I’ve copied myself a few times. There was a time when I was obsessed with silhouettes in couple photos and I had just been doing some with the couple alone when the wedding party came out and asked for another photo. Voila. Silhouette group photo.

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2018 Rangefinder 30 rising star


I See Ghosts

I’ve done the movement blur thing for wedding parties before, but I decided to take it a bit further at this wedding last year. It is a composite, BUT who cares. It’s ghostly. It’s witchy. It’s fun af. I did copy myself about a month later for a couples shot of something similar, and I’ll most definitely copy myself again.

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Elopement Photographer



I love breaking the rules set forth by older photographers so I try to backlight people as often as I can. Obviously, the window panels weren’t quite large enough for the entire group to be within one so I had to spread it out a bit.

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Best Photos of 2020


Is this an alien movie?

You know how in alien movies the aliens are always illuminated by bright light and a blurry figure emerges.. well thats what this is, and it might honestly be my favorite. Probably because I’m obsessed with Ancient Aliens, but most likely because it was taken with my favorite lens.

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