Unique Wedding Photos

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is that I can do things my own way. I have never really conformed to the “normal” with my work and I don’t ever plan to be the photographer that takes the standard look at the camera smiling photo for every single portrait. My love for photography lies within the fact that there are so many possibilities. So many endless ideas and creations I can make. All I really need is an idea and a couple that is down to make their own unique wedding photos.

I thought it would be nice to put all of my unique photos in one easy spot so that people could see them all. This post will be updated as I make new art and add past weddings to my website as well. Please feel free to share this post with your engaged friends that may like my style or to add the photos to pinterest with the pin it button that comes up when you hoover over the images!

The Jump

I had been dreaming about this photo for a few weddings prior. I tried it at another wedding and the hill just wasn’t quite right. When we went back to do their portraits though I had the perfect opportunity and the sky was so nice and moody. This image won an award with Junebug, and is still one of my all time favorites.

See the wedding here.


Golden Hour Haze

This photo is actually from an after wedding session we did around 6 months after they were married. This is one of my favorite examples on why you should add on one of these sessions. The fog you see is the remnants of a smoke bomb that we had used. The wind wasn’t carrying it away so we used it to our advantage with the golden light.

See the session here.

Louisville Wedding Photographer


Starry Night

This is a favorite (of many) from this amazing little elopement I photographed in Joshua Tree this past October. We waited around in between that awkward time of twilight and the stars coming out and I was able to get a decent enough star photo to use for this double exposure.

Check out the elopement here.

Creative Wedding Photography


Seeing Ghosts

I got the idea for this shot from a wedding party photo I had done a month earlier (it’s a bit further down in this post). I wanted to try to do this with a couple to see if it was possible. It was, and this will definitely be a life long favorite of mine.

See the elopement here.

Creative Wedding Photography


Cuddling In A Tub

Spindletop Hall in Lexington, Ky has some of the most amazing bathrooms I’ve seen in an old mansion. So you best believe that if I’m photographing your wedding and there are neat tubs, I’ll ask you to get into them and cuddle.

See the wedding here.


Eye See You

I love using shadows to accentuate peoples features. This bride has beautiful blue eyes, and when I saw the shadows on the ground I knew I wanted to accentuate them and show them off.

See the wedding here.


In the Water

This is another after wedding session that took place the morning after their wedding. They let me know that there was a pretty cool pool at the airbnb they stayed at so I woke up at the crack of dawn and drove over. We were able to capture some truly unique wedding photos for them with a little innovation and it’s definitely a highlight of my 2020.

See the session here.

California Photographer


More Ghosts

This is the photo I was talking about from one of the above. I’ve done movement wedding party shots before but this is by far the best. It’s definitely not the typical wedding party photo you see and I love it.

(This wedding isn’t blogged yet)

Elopement Photographer


Neon Lights

I love the challenge of night photos, especially when you can find neon lights. This wedding was the last wedding I photographed before the world abruptly stopped and will forever be in my memories as a favorite because of it.

(It’s not yet blogged)

Best Photos of 2020


Star Wars

These two are some of the sweetest souls you’ll ever meet, and they had the most glorious wedding. Star Wars themed and all so of course we ran outside at night with their lightsabers to do some portraits and make them play fight.

See the wedding here.


More Shadow Play

One of the best things about doing portraits indoors is finding pockets of shadow and light. I obviously love playing with this when it comes to my clients, and I believe it really does allow us to make something truly unique.

See the wedding here.


Double Expose Your Face

I do really like to blend people together at their wedding. So sometimes I double expose their faces. Sometimes it works, other times I toss the photo. This one I really like.

See the elopement here.


Haunted Manor

If you get married in a haunted mansion or a mansion where they filmed the movie Rose Red, it’s only fair that you have some creepy haunted photos to go along with it. I saw the perfect opportunity for this photo when we were outside for their sparkler exit and I happened to look over to see how cool some of the guests looked through those frosted windows.

See this wedding here.


More Shadow Play

Another great shadow play moment for me. I love this image. Not only because you can still see their features, but also because it feels like a moment you’re watching from a cracked doorway.

See this wedding here.


Lay On The Cold Stone

Another thing I love to do is have couples lay on the ground if there’s a spot for me to shoot above them. This photo was taken while second shooting for a friend, and while he was off getting us coffee he gave me free reign to pose his clients. One of the photos from this set was an honorable mention to a Junebug contest and was also included in my rangefinder 30 Rising Stars entry.

See the wedding here.


Projector Fun

When you do part of your wedding party photos in the National Portrait Gallery it should be expected to have some of just you as well. We had a lot of fun going through the museum and using the art to add something a bit unique for their wedding.

See the wedding here.