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I decided to create this welcome guide as a way to let you all get to know my work, my process, and myself a bit more. You'll find links to full galleries (with the videos on the page if they had video), as well as a link to my pricing, FAQ's, and other tidbits of information. If you have questions please feel free to email me!

I want to thank you for your interest in hiring me for your wedding. Whether you found me through a google search, through a friend, or on social media, I am honored to possibly have the opportunity to photograph your wedding. Your love deserves to be photographed beautifully, and I hope I can do that for you.









I believe people deserve to be celebrated

My name is Brandi Potter, and I'm so happy that you've connected with my work.

I never intended on being a photographer. I had never even realized it was a real career path. I got into photography because my best friend from high school needed maternity photos done, and she said, "You're creative come use moms camera and take them." Her mother had an older dslr, but that session had me absolutely hooked.

My journey has been long and full of learning every step of the way. My goals and wishes for my work have changed over time, but one thing has stayed constant: I want my clients to have the best possible experience that they can on their wedding day. I want them to love their photos and to SEE themselves in their photos, not see a complete stranger thats staged and stiff throughout the day. Your heirlooms matter.

Why I do this

Memories are heirlooms

I am no stranger to loss. Over the past few years I have lost more people than I should have, all within a short time span. The only thing I have left of them are photos and a few videos. The photo to the left is from my grandparents wedding. It's one of only two images I have ever seen from that day. The photo at the top is someone that was very dear to me that I lost, and only have 3-4 photos total of.

This is why I document weddings the way that I do. I want you to have all of the moments and memories that I will never have with some of my loved ones. I want you to have the real stuff and of course the posed family portraits as well. I want to make damn sure that you have SOMETHING of your loved ones to hold on to.

My why for photographing weddings has changed over the years, but since losing people that are the closest to me, this is it. This is why I do this so passionately.

Chatsworth House, United Kingdom

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Bucket List Destinations

Castello di Vicarello, Tuscany

Venice, Italy

Dom Paragon, Massachusettes

Amangiri, Utah

American Museum of Natural History, NYC

New York Public Library

Montana and Wyoming

The Devil's Ashtray, Utah

Includes two additional hours on your package and An after wedding session

*excludes full day coverage on added hours

Short Testimonials

Kelly and Matt

Los Angeles, CA

As soon as we saw Brandi’s work, we knew she was the photographer for us. Her style is spirited and beautiful - and appropriately feels like it captures the epic and intimate spark between two people. Filmic and moody in the way we wanted our engagement and wedding photos to be. Not staged or stilted, but raw and full of energy.

We had to reschedule our wedding 3 times (!) due to covid, and Brandi was our number one vendor that we had to be sure that she could do our new dates! She was extremely understanding and worked with us on this - our the course of the two years our wedding was in flux, we really felt like she was loyal and respectful to our original contract when she didn’t have to be (which just speaks so highly to her character and professional nature)! When our wedding did come around - Brandi was able to feel both present (again, her presence is so calming) but out of the way so the photography did not overpower the actual event. Her photos captured every moment and detail. We did not do a first look and Brandi managed to get a beautiful portrait session in, in the very brief amount of time we had between family photos and the reception. We LOVE every shot!

Emma and Nilay

Brooklyn, NY

Working with Brandi completely changed the course of my wedding because she was with me for every step. It wasn’t just about showing up to photograph the event. We aligned on my aesthetic goals early, and she was always there for me, no matter how inane the question. Whether we were mulling over florals or outfits or table setups, Brandi knew exactly what to do in order to achieve the vibe. I felt significantly more confident in my choices because of Brandi’s input.

Having Brandi photograph our wedding was such a gift. Not only do we have an album of art gallery quality work, but we’re also lucky enough to call such a talented soul a friend. I cannot recommend working with Brandi enough. I would do it a million times over in a heartbeat because nobody can even touch her creative ability.

Josette and Bobby

Frankfort, Kentucky

Louisville Wedding Photographer

Aside from getting married, hiring Brandi as our photographer was the best decision we made for our wedding. We searched for weeks trying to find a photographer who had a unique, artistic, and quirky style; we feel extremely lucky that we found Brandi who checked all those boxes and then some. From the moment we began talking to her, she treated us like we had been friends for years. Not only does she make you feel at ease and comfortable, but she is incredibly professional.

She answered my never-ending emails quickly and thoroughly and was a tremendous help throughout the planning of our wedding. Of course, when Brandi really shines though, is when she is behind the camera. She effortlessly captures all those small but important moments. She will never put you in awkward or weird poses but will instead give you prompts so she can capture your natural movements and reactions. I will forever be in complete awe of our wedding photos; they are truly works of art. Working with Brandi was quite literally a dream come true and I hope I get the chance to work with her again.

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Why Film?

I absolutely adore film. I love the anticipation that comes with photographing with film and I also love that film was the beginning of photography. I have so much respect for the art of film and I want to bring that to my couples.

I love the perfectly imperfect aspects of using film, and that when I think about film photography my mind flashes back to my favorite album covers and big events from before digital photography was available.

Film to me is a truly timeless medium. It's nostalgic in all of the right ways, that I've continuously have tried to imitate within my digital work for years.

Everything about film is exciting to me

Images & Gallery FAQ

California Wedding Photographer

Pricing and Collections

My full pricing and the collections available can be accessed via the link below. My pricing is based on hours worked and are booked for consecutive coverage. If you need a custom quote please feel free to email me and tell me your needs.

The average spend is around $12,000

Photo Only Coverage

Starts at $6500

Photo and Video Coverage

starts at $9500

View my full pricing

Pricing FAQ

Do you have a pricing question you don't see? Please email me!

Questions you may not know you had

will you do a cruise wedding?

Where are you based? Can you travel to me?

General Questions

Unfortunately not. I hate boats, and I would have to be on said boat for days, meaning you would have to pay my hourly rate for the entire duration of the cruise since I would be unable to take on other work while on it.

I currently live in Louisville, Kentucky, but 98% of my weddings are travel-based. Typically, I only do between one and five weddings in the Kentucky area, and try to leave my weekends open to travel. I do have some location limitations, but any of the United States are a definite yes.

what package suits me better?

We're paying for this ourselves. What are your payment options?

Pricing Questions

Answer TBD

I have payment options available. To reserve your date, I require a 40% deposit of your chosen collection as a retainer fee. Other than that, you are able to pay as you go! I have plenty of clients who make multiple smaller payments on the remaining balance, which is due a month before the wedding.

Can I make a film gift to a couple?

why are you so expensive?

Answer TBD

The short answer is that I'm experienced. The long answer is that I'm experienced and have an eye for photography that others don't. I understand how light works and can photograph people in harsh midday light or low light. I understand how my cameras work. I'm experienced in high stress situations at weddings. I have backup cameras and know what it's like to have a camera break at a wedding and only being saved because I did have a backup. I know how to read a room emotionally. The galleries I give to people are works of art. I spent time getting to know my clients whether that's through texting, dm's, or following their social media. I know what I'm doing and this is one of the only things you get to have and hold AFTER the wedding. These are your memories that I am preserving for you, and the thing you will be able to pass down to your family when you're older. These are the photos you will come back to over and over again to see how much you loved your partner, family, and friends. Your memories are worth it.

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